Catholic Life

We are by name and ethos a Catholic Sixth Form within a wider school setting. The foundations on which we build are very much based on the recognition that each of you have been uniquely created in the image of God and that you are imbued with God-given talents that should be developed in order for you to ensure you live a life of purpose and gain spiritual reward. 

We recognise that we are called to imitate Christ in our daily lives and serve him and his people with humility. We appreciate that everyone in our community is a learner and we encourage our students to treat all others with respect. We look to our students to set an example to other members of community in all they do to help support and develop others through their actions.  

We ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in all we do, whether it be in our learning, sporting endeavours, charitable support or when we make decisions about our future. We see that our staff are here to support our students, to empower you all and develop your confidence as young adults so you may achieve great things in the service of God.  

All our staff have chosen to be a part of Sixth Form and enjoy their roles. We all believe in the academic and spiritual development of our students and look forward to the chance of working with you all as you take the next steps on your journey to a bright future. We look forward to seeing you grow, develop and achieve but also hope you take the time to deepen your relationship with God during your time in St Benedict’s Sixth Form. 

At regular points across the year we will take the time to share services and Mass together and will also provide other events that allow you to re-define your relationship with God as you look to the future. 

Message from our Chaplain

As we move towards the season of Advent we think about a time of preparation for the coming of Jesus into this world.

When I was in seminary we had a day of prayer. After one of the prayer times we were all asked to describe the experience of prayer in one word. Some said, ‘peaceful’, ‘restful’, ‘quiet’. Then one of the spiritual directors gave an answer that I thought was beautiful. He said, ‘waiting’.

The world, at the moment, seems to be in one great act of waiting. Waiting for a vaccine, waiting for life to return to normal, waiting until we can meet up with friends and embrace our loved ones.

This gives us a glimpse into the experience of Advent. We are waiting, in joyful hope, for the coming of Jesus. Two thousand years ago, the world was waiting for Jesus to come as our Saviour.

The Church waits for Jesus to return at the end of time as the King of the Universe. And today, we are all waiting for Jesus to come to us in prayer, to bring us the peace that our hearts long for.