Extended Project Qualification

Following the recent reforms to post 16 qualifications, all A levels now follow a linear assessment model, with all formal examinations taking place at the end of Year 13. In line with this, and the requirements for university entry, a large majority of students will study 3 A level subjects. For those students with the highest GCSE point scores it may be appropriate to study a fourth A level subject. Those wishing to study Further Maths must choose 4 A levels. Students may also opt to complete the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). This project can be completed on a topic of the student’s choosing and is excellent preparation for degree level study as it allows students to develop research and writing skills that are invaluable in higher education. 

Our timetable operates over a two week cycle. Most A level subjects are allocated 10 hours per cycle of lesson time. This means that all students have a number of periods on their timetable when they are not in lessons. Our dedicated sixth form centre and independent learning area in the main building provide an ideal location for students to study, though students are able to leave the site at these times if they choose to. 

In addition to their A level courses, all students will follow an enrichment programme aimed at developing the skills needed to be a successful student and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. This programme has been designed with the students to equip them for life after sixth form.